Well, who am I?


A dynamic, gay Bohnsdorfer from the southeast of Berlin, which is in the early stages of senile middle ages, which has a lot of joy and fun in his life, who likes to travel around the world, all together with my lovely boy friend since 22 years - our marriage for this or next year is in planning…


Together we enjoy our life and do this, what we want. Hours of cooking in our kitchen at home with a glass of red wine - cozy evenings with a blazing log fire -> also happy with glass of red wine - shopping and spending money whenever possible - traveling around the world (we like it with business class) - (production of local fruit wines with sour cherry, rosehip, blackcurrant, etc., but also exotics like walnut or malt wine).



Politically more democratic than conservative, I encourage me every day with pleasure at the In and Outs in politics and I have a sarcastic view on them. “Shut up” was yesterday – especially in the rights of minorities as gays as we are!


Professionally, I work in the Berlin hotel industry. For the childless freedom as gay which laid in my cradle - I'm happy - the money for school and lunch for the brats is mine and can mercilessly be spend for me and my boyfriend.


I find that it’s wrong and discriminatory, through a given natural circumstance, that I have to pay 0.25% solidarity surcharge more, just because I have no children! What is this for nonsense! The same is not the same - not really as written in Article 3 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany!!!



-> To be continued ...